Central Oregon. April 8-9, 2016. Josh McDowell and his son Sean, are coming to Bend!

They will be our main keynote speakers for our 9th annual Christian Youth Summit. Registration will be live soon and required to attend. We are expecting it to sell out. Join our email list to stay updated on the upcoming Summit.


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"I came to the Youth Summit as a leader--confident that I would pass on my life experiences to those who are broken. I thought I had come strong, but I realized how very broken I was. The Youth Summit gave me a new perspective on Christianity and revealed many problems I had "swept under the rug." This was a memorable weekend for me, one that I will remember by the friendships I built with people and with God." – 15 year old

"Wow, what an incredible eye-opener this weekend was! The combination of informative lectures, encouraging fellowship, and the presence of God has left me on fire for the Lord . . . . and with a much stronger faith then when I walked in. From the soul searching talk by Stephen Williams to the hilarious but still inspiring lectures by Brett Kunkle and Craig Hazen, every minute offered a wealth of new information and material that can directly apply to my life and faith. I will be returning next year for another incredible two days of this amazing conference, Thank you!" – 16 year old

"When I came to the Youth Summit, I thought I was pretty strong in the faith, I knew what I was doing, how to defend my faith. Honestly, I didn't really want to go in the first place, but my mom dragged me along. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know, how poorly prepared I was to stick up for what I believe in. But the speakers were phenomenal, they showed me just the basics of apologetics, and I am so grateful that they took their time for me and everyone else who attended. Craig Hazen's Q and A session was awesome, and the worship was downright amazing. I didn't believe there was anything I needed to know when I came, but afterwards, I realize that I don't, in fact, know everything, and the Summit prepared me to tell others why I believe what I believe, and has allowed me to convince myself even more of the truth of Christ." - 13 year old

"I had been living the lie that faith is a blind leap. My father is a atheist. He is always trying to shake my faith. He was starting to get through to me. I was losing my faith. I am glad that the Summit was able to provide me with skills to defend and trust in my faith. Now I may even be able to convert him to Christianity..." – 13 year old

"I was excited about the Summit coming into it, but left the Summit absolutely ignited with a passion to dig deeper, search further and discover more! I've always been one who has stood happily on faith alone. The amazing speakers and breakout sessions I attended put my faith into overdrive! I no longer just have to say 'I just know it' but now have some historical information to back it up. As a one who disciples, I was challenged to go even further in my studies that I might equip students better than I ever have in the past. Very exciting!" – Lynn (44)


Prepare the Way Ministries...
Empowering the younger generation in the Pacific Northwest.

Prepare the Way Ministries' Christian Youth Summit Informational Video (2.5 Minutes)

Target audience:
Christian young adults Jr. High - College. Parents encouraged to register and attend.

   • We are losing our youth at a higher rate than ever before in our nation’s history. The Barna Group has found that only 5% of Christian teenagers and 19% of Christian adults have a biblical worldview.
   • LifeWay Research did a study in 2007 and found that 70% of 18-22 year old Christians drop out of church.
• Studies consistently show that 60% or more of teens raised in Bible-believing homes will walk away from the church when they leave home.

Summit Description:
   • Speakers include nationally & locally known authors, professors, pastors and apologists.
   • Speaking Topics include: The Reliability of the Bible, The Historicity of Jesus, Science and Christianity, Godly Sexuality, Discipleship, Influencing Our Culture for Christ, and other biblical worldview and apologetic talks.