Central Oregon. April 8-9, 2016. Keynotes: Josh & Sean McDowell

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"I came to the Youth Summit as a leader--confident that I would pass on my life experiences to those who are broken. I thought I had come strong, but I realized how very broken I was. The Youth Summit gave me a new perspective on Christianity and revealed many problems I had "swept under the rug." This was a memorable weekend for me, one that I will remember by the friendships I built with people and with God." – 15 year old

"Wow, what an incredible eye-opener this weekend was! The combination of informative lectures, encouraging fellowship, and the presence of God has left me on fire for the Lord . . . . and with a much stronger faith then when I walked in. From the soul searching talk by Stephen Williams to the hilarious but still inspiring lectures by Brett Kunkle and Craig Hazen, every minute offered a wealth of new information and material that can directly apply to my life and faith. I will be returning next year for another incredible two days of this amazing conference, Thank you!" – 16 year old

"When I came to the Youth Summit, I thought I was pretty strong in the faith, I knew what I was doing, how to defend my faith. Honestly, I didn't really want to go in the first place, but my mom dragged me along. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know, how poorly prepared I was to stick up for what I believe in. But the speakers were phenomenal, they showed me just the basics of apologetics, and I am so grateful that they took their time for me and everyone else who attended. Craig Hazen's Q and A session was awesome, and the worship was downright amazing. I didn't believe there was anything I needed to know when I came, but afterwards, I realize that I don't, in fact, know everything, and the Summit prepared me to tell others why I believe what I believe, and has allowed me to convince myself even more of the truth of Christ." - 13 year old

"I had been living the lie that faith is a blind leap. My father is a atheist. He is always trying to shake my faith. He was starting to get through to me. I was losing my faith. I am glad that the Summit was able to provide me with skills to defend and trust in my faith. Now I may even be able to convert him to Christianity..." – 13 year old

"I was excited about the Summit coming into it, but left the Summit absolutely ignited with a passion to dig deeper, search further and discover more! I've always been one who has stood happily on faith alone. The amazing speakers and breakout sessions I attended put my faith into overdrive! I no longer just have to say 'I just know it' but now have some historical information to back it up. As a one who disciples, I was challenged to go even further in my studies that I might equip students better than I ever have in the past. Very exciting!" – Lynn (44)


Prepare the Way Ministries...
Empowering the younger generation in the Pacific Northwest.

Prepare the Way Ministries' Christian Youth Summit Informational Video (2.5 Minutes)

Target audience:
Christian young adults Jr. High - College. Parents encouraged to register and attend.


  • We are losing our youth at a higher rate than ever before in our nation’s history.
  • The Barna Group has found that only 5% of Christian teenagers and 19% of Christian adults have a biblical worldview.
  • LifeWay Research did a study in 2007 and found that 70% of 18-22 year old Christians drop out of church.
  • Studies consistently show that 60% or more of teens raised in Bible-believing homes will walk away from the church when they leave home.

Summit Description:

  • Speakers include nationally & locally known authors, professors, pastors and apologists.
  • Speaking Topics include: The Reliability of the Bible, The Historicity of Jesus, Science and Christianity, Godly Sexuality, Discipleship, Influencing Our Culture for Christ, and other biblical worldview and apologetic talks.